Walks in the neighborhood of Oliveira and Tabua.

We can make beautiful walks in the neighborhood of Tabua and Oliveira.

My mother said "you can just sit down, it's beautiful everywhere."


See Schedule in advance when you want to participate.
And let me know by e-mail.

You can step in  at any time.

We pass different locations, so you can always come by

if the day is too long or too far.

Schedule · Sunday January 19, 2020
10:00 a.m.
Start with the Covas Cemetério
half past twelve
Visit the old church of Lourosa and picnic in the future garden of Karin.
3:00 PM
Drink in the nice bar. In Venda da Esperança.
5:00 PM
Typical end with popcorn party.




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