meditative silent walk

We can make a healing walk from Penhas Douradas to Nave da Mestra.
With a meditative stop to the heart-opening rose quartz.
We enjoy silence of the tranquility on the two-hour walk,
Eating at a refreshing river of the Nave da Mestra and take the time to enjoy.
There is a supply of healing exercises and small massages.
We quietly go the same way back.
With the sun setting, we can then have a drink in Sabugueiro the highest village in Portugal.
We can leave at 10.15 am at the lidl in Oliveira do Hospital 

Bring lunch ,warm wind jacket ,swiming gear and good walking shoes.

We always walk the pace of the slowest.
Let me know asap if you are coming.
So I know if we get the minimum of 4 people to share the costs.

Leave me your contact so we do not leave you behind.
It is also nice to know if you have more space in the car or if you need a ride.

   Suggested donation is.
€ 40 to 4 pers. / Day
So a maximum of 10 € / person
€ 5 extra / additional person.
You can also donate Estrela's
Transport and picnic not included!
Transport up to 5 persons  20 € + petrol
taxi to 7 pers.  1€ / miles (km counted from taxi rank)


If you prefer another day please let me know.

I would like to make it so all the people who are interested can participate.

 The meditative  walk can be 1 or more day's

where we get the sense of the freedom of flight! 
We can do yoga , somatic,or 5 tibetian  exersises.

To My Inner Child


Hello Inner Child of mine

Through feeling and expression we intertwine

Relaxing on the golden mountain

In a sacred fountain

Breathing and being

Communicating by clear feeling

We do a sacred dance – us

We develop inner trust

Letting go, releasing and clearly-seeing

You learn to trust my inner being

You flow I flow

When we flow together we glow

Amored and spiritive

I write to you in first person narrative

I write to you as a foundation

As a source of strength

I am inner illumination

I write to you in creating trust and friendship

Seeking an impression and building kinship

Your fears may come and go

While we create more growth

Trust myself – it is ok now

Trust myself – my great big whole self.

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