Quarta-feira, 11.06.14

Easy walk

19 sept
We will meet  at Lidl In Tabua
and leave 10.15 am

or start the walk in Jueus  11.15 am

Bring wind jacket, sun hat and good hiking shoes,or walk barefoot


Than we will make a circular walk.

Let me know if you come so we do not leave you behind.
Or if you need a ride or if you still have room in the car.
Leave me your contact in a personal message .


May be an image of nature and tree



Let me know what you like to do and when. 

Than I can organice it for you. 

If you are interested let me know . 

I would like to do some nice walks whit 60 + people or people who like to take it easy. 

f you are interested and the date does not fit you please let me know .
If we have a group of 4 people it is already nice to share the cost.

 We always ´s walk the passe of the slowest. 

I like to organize a customized walk,

also for people who like a gentle walk.
With the easy walk the focus lies on enjoying .

The monthly walk will focus on walking.
So if you like firmer walks come

http://hiking-portugal-mountains blogs.sapo.pt/monthly-walk-4167

Enjoy and feel free 

to admire your colourful surroundings
Some day  ( If you are interested let me know when it fits you best )
We will make a healing walk from Penhas Douradas to Nave da Mestra.
With a meditative stop to the heart-opening rose quartz.
We enjoy silence of the tranquility on the two-hour walk,
Eating at a refreshing river of the Nave da Mestra and take the time to enjoy.
We can do some of energy healing exercises and small massages.
We quietly go the same way back.
With the sun setting, we can then have a drink in Sabugueiro the highest village in Portugal.


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