1 may we will go .

meetingpoint at Lidl Oliveira 10.15h


Does anyone want a foot massage? Walking on different surfaces has this effect .


With the fantastic views the day can only be lovely.
If you are interested let me know.



It is very nice to feel different structures

and energies whit your barefoot.

blote voeten wanleling.jpgblote voeten sneeuw.jpg

It has a lot of health benefits as it is a full-body reflexology massage.

We can do the walk" lakes on the high-plateau"


or the "river adventure" walk.

We can make a barefoot walks between 1 and 5 h


We will take or shoes whit us

as most our feet are to sensitive to walk barefoot for a long time. 

blote voeten mooi.jpg

More info in this film.


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